Prestigious job with no private life

Prestigious job with no private life

The flight attendent’s job most often is associated with incredible journeys to far countries, new places sightseeing, getting acquainted with many great people. In a world – the jobs is considered as very prestigious.

That’s right, actually working at this line of work can see many parts of the world. Once you are at the krakow airport, and at any minute you are at the Katowice airport and in a few hours in another place. So actually, you can visit a lot of different places, but it’s hard to visit them. Flight attendants flying over the ocean are entitled to longer rest between flights, so they have time to get to know the country. Stewardesses on european routes usually do not have the breaks.

Krakow Airport

Krakow Airport

Young girls often perceive this profession as an opportunity to meet many interesting people, make friends with ritevin persons. This is true but this is not true also. Undoubtedly, the work on the aircraft is plenty of opportunities to meet new people, but these are usually superficial friendships, beginning and ending on the plane. Frequency of flights and the repeated change of scenery (passenegers, people surronding You) prevents the making any real ’ friendship ’ in the long run.



So, indeed stewardesses tend to deal with famous, likeable people, but You better do not forget that planes carry ill-mannered people too. Unbearable passengers often do their best to make a flight attendant’s life a misery. Certain flight attendant, whom I found recently interview with, on a popular webside, has seen truly.

 On the plane, she met various passengers. Starting from important businessmen flying for a business conference, through ordinary tourists aiming at Poland to partake any salt mine tours or to visit Auschwitz for example unto spoiled movie stars.

From the most memorable experiences she’s specified the attempt of bringing a live chicken aboard by one of the passengers or a woman swaddling a child on one of the seats or even a proposal to do ’ quick one ’.

There are also more serious cases such as heart attack, which one of the passengers had submitted to during the flight, our stewardess attended. It is worth mentioning that the former flight attendant had to be a qualified nurse. But today after a successful recruitment process, You go through the proper trainings – occupentional safety and heath training inter alia.


It is said scant about the shadows of stewardesses’ work. Young girls considering this kind of profession usually see it as a well-paid job, which in fact turn out to be much worse-paid. In addition, the flagrant changes of time zones and irregular hours of work do not aid the health and certainly has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Upseted body regenerates hard and difficult to adapt to the climate, the environment, etc. . when You are changing environment non stop.

Besides, it’s hard to reconcile such work and private life. Stewardesses complain about lack of personal life and lack of time for family – if any active flight attendant can manage to raise a family at all.

In any case, to be a flight attendant you must know foreign languages well ​​(english is standard), you have to be healthy, apparently you need to know how to swim but above all you must meet the specific requirements of the company to which they recruit .

What disqualifies potential flight attendant? Tattoo in a prominent place, piercings, large defect in vision etc. etc.. Moreover, each company has their own individual guidelines.

Thus, we see that the flight attendants’ work is not synonymous with sightseeing tours but the hard slog and almost total abandonment of private life.

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